Hushpuppi accused of laundering money for North Korean hackers

More details have emerged in the fraud case against Instagram celebrity Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi.

In July last year, the Hushpuppi Office was charged with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles for conspiracy to defraud hundreds of millions of dollars sent from ” email fraudulents ”. business ”'(BEC) and other scams.

However, on Wednesday, the Justice Department (DOJ) said it had worked with North Korean hackers to launch money stolen from a Maltese bank.

A statement issued by the DoJ stated that Hushpuppi was participating in a “North Korean potential cyber heist from the Maltese bank in February 2019.”

In a statement in July, the DoJ described the attack as “a $ 14.7 million cyber from a foreign financial institution.”

Both the date and the rate are the same as the attack on Valletta Bank Malta in February 2019.

In July, Abbas’ s then lawyer, Gal Pissetzky, told Forbes that Abbas was not guilty of the allegations and described him as an “entrepreneur” who lawfully made his money through “real estate” and his work “promoting brands” as an Instagram personality. . ”

Hushpuppi is accused of launching money for North Korean hackers

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