Hannibal Brumskine III: Second generation entrepreneur brings online therapy to music industry’s youth

Hannibal Brumskine III, founder of TheMusicBusiness.com and Liberian American in the second generation, is a music entrepreneurship startup program for young independent musicians.

The initiative is for West African and American youth with promising musical talent, who need support and guidance to realize their goals and projects.

Buhari promised in his new year message that he would ensure the future of “our youth” by saying, “Nigerian youth innovation, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are evident to all. Many of our young people do an excellent job in various areas of life including entertainment ”.

Brumskine III pledged to align itself with this message from the president by creating an environment that will allow our young people to pursue entertainment in a more organized way. ”

Leaders and representatives have said the unsustainable acts of banditry, robbery, kidnapping and murder committed by the youth would be stopped if leaders could prioritize youth empowerment through vocational, entrepreneurial training and entertainment.

Brumskine III believes that, given the alarming and alarming height of unemployment in the country, the reality of exposing people to business and entertainment opportunities has become beneficial and stands out among other things such as one of the main ways to take over young people and lift them out of the current predominant poverty rate.

Hannibal Brumskine III: Second-generation entrepreneur delivers online medicine to music industry youth

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