Ginimbi’s sister, Juliet reveals how his brother wanted his burial

Juliet Kadungure, the sister of the late Zimbabwean businessman and socialite, Genius Ginimbi Kadungure has revealed that he has left instructions on how he wants to be buried.

DAILY POST had reported that the Zimbabwean socialite died early Sunday morning in an accident on a bend just before the Hatcliff bank hit the road to Dombos Road Borrowdale, in Harare.

However, speaking to the Herald, Juliet revealed that before her death her brother explained the dress code and guest list for his funeral event.
According to her, the deceased also wanted VIP tents and stressed that he wants a big funeral because of the “bigger person”.

“He was a fun character. He always reminded us how he wanted his funeral to be held.

“Of course he had a plan and he always said ‘ndiri big’, so make sure my funeral, don’t send me in a hurry.

“Take time, plan for it. Take a good look at my requirements and one of the things I want is for everyone at my funeral to be dressed in white, no matter who.

“Look, make sure you emphasize that, remember, I’m a white boy. All white should be on the day of the funeral, ”she said.

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