Fulani eviction: Buhari operating government of herdsmen – Mr Macroni

Nigerian Instagram comedian Debo Adebayo, known as Mr Macaroni, has slammed the Buhari-led administration over his handling of the country’s herding crisis so far.

There has been an ongoing shift between the Yoruba activist Igboho Sunday, his supporters and the Fulani living in Igbangan, Oyo State.

DAILY POST reported that Igboho, recently threatened to expel the Fulani from Igangan in Oyo State.

Igboho also revealed that it acted at the request of traditional rulers.

However, while addressing the recent situation of things in the country, mainly due to insecurity and persistent killing of Nigerian citizens by herdsmen, Macroni tweeted through his Twitter account On Tuesday, the current administration was described as “the herdsmen’s government, by the herdsmen and for the herdsmen. ”

He also ridiculed Buhari with his infamous speech in 2015 “I want everyone and I want anyone”, saying it was never for everyone.

Macaroni said, however, that no Nigerian is more Nigerian than the other.

“The herdsmen’s government, with the herdsmen and for the herdsmen.

“One Nigerian is no more Nigerian than the other. The herds have the same rights as grazing, so other Nigerians must live.

“When did grazing become a series of killings and evictions? @MBuhari try to be President for all!

“Growing up, I saw many herdsmen grazing peacefully. I’m sure many of us did. They were so organized and even friendly but so far so far there has been so much violence involved.

“Why can’t this government call them to order? This insecurity has lasted too long!

“Innocent Nigerians are being killed and taken captive on a daily basis because herdsmen have gone wrong.

“The Government has done nothing to control the situation! Don’t let anyone bully you for speaking out against big Nepotism.

“Every Nigerian deserves to live and that’s it,” he said.

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