End SARS: Seun Kuti calls off event as govt threatens to shut down Afrika shrine

Nigerian Afrobeat legend Seun Kuti has postponed his SARS End meeting after the government threatened to close Afrika’s shrine.

Kuti was going to host a meeting called the #EndSARS movement; Lessons and activities’ on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 before 12 noon at the Afrika Cove, Lagos State.

However, police said in a letter that the incident was not welcomed in the state at a time when normalcy is returning to the state.

Seun, reiterating on his Twitter page, said the government called his sister on Monday threatening to close the shrine if he held the event.

Fela Kuti’s son, who was part of the End SARS campaign a few weeks ago, said his family had decided to postpone the event until more information was received.

His tweet read: “So yesterday the government called my older sister @yeniakuti and they threatened to close the shrine if I hold my event there tomorrow and I sent a letter to put back.

“I respect my family’s decision not to hold the event as it is, but I will go ahead with everyone else.”

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