End SARS: ‘Nigerians are tired of suffering, smiling in pain’ – Singer, Kelvano

Nigerian singer Kelvin Obumneke Nwobodo, known as ‘Tipsy Kelvano’ has joined other Nigerians in criticizing the illegal activity of officers of the Federal Special Anti-Theft Squad (FSARS).

The singer said in an interview with DAILY POST on Saturday that the complaint is not only about ending police brutality but also a call for an end to bad governance in the country.

He said Nigerians are tired of suffering and laughing.

According to Kelvin, peaceful protest is the only way to shout and tell the world that everyone is tired of mismanagement in the country.

“The complaint is a natural cause. Those who are oppressed are tired of being bullied.

“The complaint is about an end to police brutality in the country. Nigerians are tired of suffering and laughing.

“We want our rights to be treated as one because we are the taxpayers. We are the ones who pay these government officials.

“There are many cases of injustice in this country because these police officers treat people badly.

“Oppression is just too much, for example, if a young person is seen wearing dreadlocks, tattoos or earrings are just like I do, the person is automatically identified as a thief or a liar.

“This end-to-end SARS move is not the main problem as people could have stopped complaining since a new unit was created.

“There are other sensitive things they want to talk about. They are tired of mismanagement.

“Our leaders are just wicked because they travel to other countries and they see how these things work but they are not doing anything to make this country better.

“It’s so hard to be there now and make a living because everyone is working to survive without working because they have a passion for their jobs.

“I honestly hope the government pays attention to the horrors.

“I’m sure they don’t know or understand how difficult it is for people to live in this country because they live in greenhouses.

“I hope the government will carry out a complete reform not only by reforming the police, reorganizing, relocating them, modernizing their way of working and educating them. for their work and human relationships.

“They should just listen and find a way to end this peacefully. The perpetrators should return the money they stole, those who still expect loot should change their mind set, ”he said.

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