End SARS: Nigeria Police warns Femi Kuti over alleged meeting at Afrikan Shrine

Nigerian police have written a letter to the legend of Afrobeat, Femi Kuti and the management to suspend a proposed meeting on the SARS End movement which is expected to take place today.

Femi Kuti is hosting a meeting tagged with the #EndSARS movement; Lessons and activities’ to be held on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 before 12 noon at the Afrikan Shrine, Lagos State.

But Alausa Department of Nigeria Police said such a meeting should not be held especially at a time when the state is trying to stabilize life and property threats caused by hoodlums during the End SARS protest.,

The letter states: “I am writing under your previous corporate social responsibilities and support to Alausa police station about a movement summit of the people tagged #EndSARS movement; Lessons and work to be presented on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 before 12 noon at the Afrkan Shrine, Lagos State.

“I would like to take a quick look back at the recent nationwide End SARS protest that has taken place across the country over the past five weeks and which has ended in violence, causing multifaceted destruction, explosion and burning of government and private buildings within state borders as well as causing deaths and injuries to both security agents and innocent civilians who abide by it the law.

“It is on this basis that I am writing that such a gathering or meeting was not to be held at your venue at a dangerous time when the security of the country is trying to keep its foot. seek to stabilize all risks to your life and property. ”

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