End SARS: “My heart weeps for Nigeria” – Rihanna

R&B musician Robyn Rihanna Fenty, often referred to as ‘Rihanna’, has joined Nigerians in the nationwide protest against police brutality in the country.

The singer expressed while while dealing with the killing of Lekki’s End SARS militants by the army on Tuesday.

Bullets fired by gunmen also reported that some people were killed and at least one person was reported dead and many injured.

Responding, Rihanna said in a tweet through her twitter account Wednesday that it was impossible to watch what Nigerians had to go through the protests across the country.

According to her, the Federal Government betrayed its citizens by deploying the same people to protect them against them.

“I can’t see this pain and brutality that has affected nations on our planet!

“It is such a betrayal of the citizens, it is the people who are in a place of protection to kill those we fear!

“My heart is broken for a Nigerian! What just looks is inaccessible.

“I am so proud of your strength and not giving up what is right,” she said.

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