Emmy award winner, Hal Holbrook is dead

Emmy-winning actor Hal Holbrook has died at the age of 95.

According to the New York Times, his personal assistant Joyce Cohen who confirmed his death said Hal died Monday night.

But Cohen did not name the cause of his death.

“Hal died at his home in Beverly Hills, California on Monday night.

“He will be greatly missed by his family, fans and all those who loved him.

“We pray for a calm reproduction of the soul,” said Cohen.

Before his death, Hal was best known for his role in ‘All the President’s Men’.

He won five Emmy Awards, winning two for a television special in Pueblo in 1973 and starring in the hit series “The Bold Ones and The Senator”. ”

In the world of theater, he was best known for his one-man show inspired by the life of Mark Twain, whom he first played when he was a 19-year college student.

He also appeared in Capricorn One, Magnum Force, The Fog, and Water for Elephants.

Emmy award winner Hal Holbrook is dead

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