‘Delailah stop chasing me – Osaze Odemwingie warns Kanu Nwankwo’s wife, Amara

Former Super Eagles star Osaze Odemwingie has accused Amara, the wife of former national team captain Nwankwo Kanu, of running it.

Osaze complains that Amara has slipped into his DM and “chased after him” happily. “

The former Super Eagles star warned Amara to stay away, adding that her husband, Kanu, has the number (Osaze) and asked that he not be in African culture for a woman to send a message to another without permission from her husband.

“She is devastated,” he wrote on Instagram, saying that Nigeria is in this state because too many people want to be like Americans.

The former Lille star reminded the Arsenal legendary wife “it is not our culture to give a message to another without your husband.

Osaze also accused Kanu’s son of practicing “false Christianity.”

“How can a mythical wife like @ kingkanu4 follow me for a non-stop conversation (check your DM, check your DM) with a force? @amarakanu.

“Your husband has numbers and it’s not our culture to talk to someone else without asking your husband.

“You also have an arsenal kitten and he can ask them for advice about knee surgery as he was also suffering from similar issues.

“Your son can’t have a cross around his neck and do those hand signals. That is false Christianity if you did not know it well. Our people sell their own to stick with African America.

“@Amarakanu, why Amara? (Delailah). We love our strong man Papilo. Wash your hands well oh. And most important to your hearts as I preach to many now. Nigeria? is he more precious to God than America? ”

Osaze warned Amara saying if her mind can’t be public “it is
maybe not just hello. “

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