Decomposing body of veteran Nollywood actor, Victor Becker found in Abuja apartment

The decaying body of Victor Becker, a 72-year-old former Nollywood actor, was found at his apartment in Abuja on Monday.

Neighbors found the body Monday afternoon.

The sad news was shared by Jesse Nazareth, Mayor of the Nigerian Actors Association, Abuja on Tuesday

Nazareth confirmed that Decker’s neighbors had broken down the door of his apartment and found his decaying body lifeless in his living room.

“Yes, Victor Decker is dead,” she said.

“I am in the massacre where they want to capture him. I am not aware of the cause of his death.

“I was told his neighbors hadn’t seen him for days so they were worried.

“They went to his house, they knocked on his door but they didn’t get an answer, so they had to break down the door. It was then that they saw him sitting on the chair without life.

“It already smelled like it was rotting. I ran down there to sort out the things I needed. ”

Nasareth said she had to get a police report and a car to transport the body to a hospital, adding that most hospitals rejected the body of the late actor.

According to her, they were taken to a private hospital in Bwari, Abuja, where the body was finally taken Tuesday morning.

She said the hospital reduced the body size first before admitting it.

Decaying the body of former Nollywood actor Victor Becker found in an Abuja apartment

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