D’Banj, former manager, Bankuli reconcile

Singer Jennifer Lopez and former New York Yankees basketball star Alex Rodriguez have said they were, “working through some things,” amid reports that they broke up after nearly four years together.

E! News had confirmed that the Hollywood couple had canceled their engagement in nearly two years.

Rodriguez praised Lopez in the Bahamas in March 2019 after retiring for two years.

The news, however, came as a surprise to fans after Jennifer Lopez and Alex spent Valentine’s Day together and also attended the Super Bowl in Miami in February.

Following the development, the couple said while giving an update on the split reported in a statement issued to Reuters that all the reports are inaccurate.

The two also showed that they were working through some things.

“All reports that make social media visits are inaccurate. We work through some things.

“It’s been a rocky stretch that all the relationships go through, but things aren’t as bad as the media is.

“We’re trying out new material and hopefully this will work out,” said the couple.

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