Cross-dressers, not Kayan Mata responsible for high rate of divorce in Nigeria – Jaruma

Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, a Kayular Mata Popular buyer and Nigerian sex therapist, AKA Jaruma, has addressed reports that Kayan Mata is responsible for the alarming divorce rate in Nigeria.

Recall that DAILY POST gathered in an effort to find out the reasons for the growing divorce rate in the Federal Capital Region of Abuja and other states, single women are hopeless and hurtful find a ‘fetish’ way of spying on men.

They were said to be using an aphrodisiac often called Kayan Mata to hypnotize and spell men for themselves.

The result, a sex and love enhancer that originally meant connecting couples has been abused and abused by women who are in desperate need of a man or money.

Addressing the allegation, Jaruma chose, that transvestites in Nigeria are responsible for the high rate of divorce in Nigeria.

She explained on her Instagram page that transgender people in the country are notorious for claiming to ‘take’ married men away from their wives.

There was news across the city that the high rate of divorce has been tied up and led to Kayan mats as single girls are now buying Kayan mats and now taking away men married from their wives.

“There is only one Kayan Mata, the original from the north. Have you ever heard me say that we take away from each other? Have you ever heard me say that we are coming to take your men away?

”Hausa original Kayan Mata from the north, we are making a home. We don’t break home. The high rate of divorce can only be linked to cross-dressing because they always say, ‘We come to give it to your men, that’s their motto,’ ‘she said. .

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