Chidinma Ekile quits secular music for gospel, deletes old songs

Famous Nigerian singer Chidinma Ekile has retired from world music to become God’s minister of evangelical music.

Chidinma posted this on her Instagram page even when she was sharing a video of singing a gospel song in church.

She also deleted all the photos and videos of her songs on her Instagram page.

The 30-year-old singer co-wrote the video: “My name is Minister Chidinma Ekile. I am crushed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“The future needs you, you do not have the past. The devil knows your name but he calls you with your sins. God knows your sins but He calls you by name.

“The message is Jesus. I will reign in my life because the creator of the ends of the earth loves me. ”

Prior to becoming a minister, Chidinma was known for her famous songs ‘Kedike and Yanga’.

Chidinma Ekile releases world music for gospel, dismantling old songs

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