Zendaya Struggled to Be Emotionally Vulnerable When She First Started Filming ‘Euphoria’

Zendaya may have won the Emmy for her portrayal of Rue Bennett on the hit HBO series, Euphoria, but her path to success was not always walking in the park. Because showing the 17 – year – old drug addict is so grotesque and emotionally taxing, Zendaya sometimes struggled to get where she needed to be for the challenging role. But what caused this emotional block and how could Zendaya overcome her problems?

Euphoria star Zendaya
Zendaya | Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

Although Zendaya was a working actor for years before he landed Euphoria, showing Rue certainly as one of her most challenging careers to date. The role required a level of sensitivity that Zendaya ‘s previous Disney roles did not. In an interview with GQ, Sam Levinson, who is the creator and presenter for Euphoria, reported that Zendaya ‘s weight in a Disney machine made it challenging for her to be emotionally vulnerable at first.

Zendaya struggled with emotional vulnerabilities when she began filming ‘Euphoria’

“If I’m going to be 100 per cent honest when we first started working together Euphoria, her biggest challenge was allowing herself to be emotionally vulnerable in sight, ”said Levinson about Zendaya. “I do not blame him for that. Once you reach the stage of her career, you need to have thick skin as an individual while also being emotionally open as an actor. * Ck is a real mind, and I don’t envy it. ”

“He’s sitting with me, and we’re just talking,” Zendaya said of Levinson. “Everyone knows about the process, everyone is quiet, and everyone is so supportive, I appreciate it. Because I feel like sh * t, just making people wait for me to be emotional. ”

Zendaya’s struggles only make her more affected

While we’re sure it was challenging for Zendaya to feel like she wasn’t accepting the feeling of missing a first-pass look, her struggle also feels very flexible. . With all her great talents, it ‘s far too easy to assume that everything about acting just comes naturally to her. Knowing that her problems also cause other actors to give themselves a little more grace also. Plus, it was worth the extra time Zendaya took to get where she needed to be emotional for Rue. Fans just have to watch Euphoria to see that she delivered what the post required.

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