‘Wonder Woman’ Actors Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter Bond Over Refusing to Make Wonder Woman a Joke

Wonder Woman has come a long way since Lynda Carter played her for three seasons on television. The Gal Gadot films benefit from major studio productions and contemporary visual effects. However, there is one thing that is exactly the same as the 1975 TV series.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter | Walt Disney Television through Getty Images Photo Archives

Gadot interviewed Carter on Gadot’s Instagram on January 7 about their experiences as the superhero. Wonder Woman 1984 now in theaters and on HBO Max until the end of January.

Lynda Carter’s ‘Wonder Woman’ started this tradition

1975 series comes after the Batman Television series. At first, producers thought the Wonder Woman show was just as campy. However, Carter and director Leonard Horn thought differently.

“The original producer had the idea of ​​making a pow wow of the old comic book,” Carter told Gadot. “It was the capture of me and the amazing director who took that first pilot to play for real. I was on board with that. Wonder Woman was not a cartoon for me growing up. I loved her. I felt powerful when I read the comic books. My main goal was for women to love her. ”

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot got bad attention too

Gadot debuted as the character in Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice. Patty Jenkins directed her solo films, and she realized that filmmakers had the same idea as Carter.

Wonder Woman 1984 convoy
Gal Gadot | Comics Clay Enos / DC

“I am so fortunate to see you as a mentor,” Gadot said. “I’m so grateful. You opened the gates to the world of Wonder Woman. Thank you for doing this for us. “

Carter returned the thanks for what the Gadot movies do for Wonder Woman.

“The world belongs to the new generations of people and it is this inspiration, Gal, that you and Patty are helping to bring out this new generation,” Carter said. “For your daughters and for my daughter and son, this is their chance.”

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