Willow and Jaden Smith Plan To Retire From the Spotlight Within the Next Few Years

Since their birth, Willow and Jaden Smith have lived their lives under scrutiny. While fame and fortune have opened many doors for them over the years, the sisters do not look to become celebrities for the rest of their days.

In fact, Willow and Jaden have previously indicated that they plan to put an end to weight gain in the next 10 years and live out the rest of their lives anonymously.

Jaden and Willow Smith
Jaden Smith and Willow Smith Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

Willow and Jaden Smith had a glamorous life thanks to their parents, Will and Jada Smith

Willow and Jaden Smith were very strong children of Hollywood superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

By the time the couple welcomed Jaden into the world in 1998, they had already found great success in the entertainment industry, starring in famous films. And as a result of their ongoing performances in Hollywood, Will and Jada were able to lead a luxurious lifestyle, and, of course, their children reaped the benefits.

Smith family
Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, and Trey Smith Donna Ward / Getty Images

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From growing up in a $ 42 million mansion to mocking high-end design clothing brands, Willow and Jaden have certainly been the children of famous actors.

But despite the many benefits of being a celebrity, Jaden and Willow were given few opportunities to grow up like others their age.

Jaden even remembered when he felt like an outsider because of the status of his reputation and questioned whether he was normal.

“People treat me like I’m not such a normal person, that you start believing [it], like, ‘Am I not an ordinary person? ‘”He said in an interview with 2018 Dazed.

He said, “I didn’t always get to know ordinary people when I was young. So it’s fun to be older and to be able to watch with the older children and play with normal people. ”

Willow and Jaden have grown up on their own

While fame and fortune are all they ever wanted to give them, Willow and Jaden still felt like trying to branch out from being under their parents at a young age.

In fact, Jada Pinkett Smith previously revealed that she knew her son would take control of his own life as soon as he was ready, which happened just when he chose to release himself as a teenager.

“I remember this day in particular,” Jada said in Facebook Watch’s 2018 episode Red Table Conversation. “This is probably one of the most difficult times of my life. You have reached a point here. You just told me – you were like, ‘Mama, I have to go here to spend my life. ‘I remember thinking to myself, with how devastating I was, I was like,‘ It’s okay. The time is now. He’s 15. It’s time to leave house. “

While Will and Jada Smith have always given their children the freedom to make their own choices in their lives, they made sure to teach Willow and Jaden how to be independent at an early age.

With the help of their parents, Willow and Jaden have discovered how to run their own lives and live comfortably on their own. They’ve even embraced the concept of forward planning and have recently shared the goal for the future – and that doesn’t include staying famous.

The famous sisters do not see themselves living in attention anymore

In a 2016 interview with Pharrell Williams for Journal of interview, Willow and Jaden opened up about where they will find themselves in 10 years.

Jaden and Willow Smith
Jaden Smith and Willow Smith Pascal Images By Segretain / Getty

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“I’m gone,” said Jaden. “I feel that,” Willow added.

According to the sisters, they plan to leave their attention in a few years and go back to the mountains where they can fulfill their dream of living in secret.

“I see myself in the mountains somewhere in a tent cooking a squirrel,” said the “Whip My Hair” singer, to which her brother replied, “Not a squirrel, a willow! Why!? Why a squirrel? ”

Willow then explained her response, explaining, “I don’t know! Since maybe that’s the only food I have … I want to go back to living off the land and just being in nature, experiencing life in the best way possible. pure, natural possible. ”

Although they remain under scrutiny now, it is only a matter of time before Willow and Jaden get off the grid.

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