Will Smith Says He Survived Difficult Situations With Jada Pinkett Smith by Trying to Understand Her

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith admit that they have had a hard time in their marriage. However, Will says the secret to navigating difficult situations with his wife is trying to figure out where she comes from. Here is what Will shared about his communication with Jada.

Will Smith’s definition of love

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith  Paul Archuleta / Getty Pictures
Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Paul Archuleta / Getty Pictures

In a discussion of the Progressive game podcast with Adrienne Banfield-Norris (mother of Jada Pinkett Smith), Will talked about his journey towards a healthy marriage. He says that “LUV” is one of the things that contributes to marital health.

“Love is ‘LUV,’ Will tells Banfield-Norris. “Listen, understand what the other person is saying, and prove the parts of it that you know to be true. Listen, understand, affirm. Can you understand what the other person is saying? I’m not even talking about consent. You do not have to agree. All you have to do is listen; you need to understand what they are saying. You don’t even have to think it’s true for you. ”

Will Smith says that understanding is the best way to show compassion for others

Will says you need understanding to be compassionate to others. Without taking the time to understand how someone is feeling, it is difficult to be compassionate.

“I kept seeing this idea of ​​understanding as a prelude to harmony, realizing that it was a preview of love, so for me, as an actor, it’s a thing easy, ”said Will. “I’m getting used to learning how to understand my character. It is a skill set that I believe is the single most valuable interactive human skill set. Can you put aside your ideas and what you feel long enough to understand what the other person is thinking? ”

How Will Smith communicates with Jada Pinkett Smith

Will says he is working on trying to understand Jada. “Jada is the only person on earth that I have been extremely successful in being able to overcome difficult, depressing situations, trying hard to understand what she is thinking and feeling. , ”He says.

The Bad boys star continues to say that many people struggle to communicate with others because they are focused on the needs and wants. “What has become a problem is that we don’t want to understand each other. We don’t give a damn about understanding each other. You have to understand me. ”

Will goes on to say that it is crucial to try to understand someone before you ask to be understood. “It simply came to our notice then Seven uses of highly effective people trying to understand first before you try to understand it, ”Will said during the Progressive game podcast.

“As a principal, it’s such a valuable principle, but when that feeling awakens, it’s so hard to wrestle,” he continues. “The process of listening, understanding, and affirming is how you open up people to hear your side of the story. ”

In addition, Will says that healing emotional wounds is important for healing relationships and moving forward with healthy communication. “When we heal ourselves, all our relationships will heal,” he says. “Cleaning our own toxins is a big part of being able to build friendly relationships.”

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