Will Smith and Mariah Carey Crossed Paths Before They Were Famous in Epic Throwback Photo

The road to superstition is often long. And even though some people manage to make their dreams come true, myths are made, not born. There seems to be a similar thing with Will Smith and Mariah Carey. Both actors have grown into iconic icons. But when they crossed paths decades ago, the two were still very much growing.

Will Smith at first sight 'Bright'
Will Smith at first sight ‘Bright’ Frazer Harrison / Getty Photos

Will Smith and Mariah Carey were both rising stars in the late 1980s

By the late 1980s, neither Smith nor Carey had yet exploded. Smith, of course, began his career as the second rap half of hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and Prince Fresh. Their first album, 1987’s Rock the Househowever, it was released on CD in 1988. Smith’s hit “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” hit a path that would lead to an engaging sitcom and film role.

Meanwhile, Carey released her self-titled album in 1990. As soon as it hit shelves, the singer and songwriter was on the go. Mariah Carey features four number one singles, including “Vision of Love” and “Someday. ”Then throughout the 1990s, Carey remained very successful, eventually becoming one of the best – selling female artists of all time.

Both Will Smith and Mariah Carey are now regarded as icons

In the 30s since the photo was taken, Smith and Carey have taken control of their fields. Smith has put most of his music to one side – his last album was in 2005 Lost & Found – to focus on films. And recently, he and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have launched a multi-platform media company that will expand into other areas of entertainment as well.

Carey, for his part, has sold hundreds of millions of records. She has overcome personal struggles and short-term study into acting to get her footing back at the top of the charts. Carey also holds the record for the most hit songs in music history, with 19 major tracks. Between her legacy, a new record of rare tracks, and her book, Carey is sure to keep fans happy.

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