‘Wild ‘N Out’: Will Nick Cannon be Replaced By DC Young Fly?

The future of Wild Outside still uncertain even months later. As many know, the big improv show was pulled from the air earlier in 2020 when ViacomCBS fired host Nick Cannon for controversial statements he made in an interview. Since then, we haven’t heard many updates on the show, but some have thought Cannon could replace it.

Viewers have launched DC Young Fly specifically as a substitute for the longtime guest. But will DC Young Fly really replace Cannon Wild Outside? Here is what he said.

Nick Cannon and DC Young Fly
(LR) Nick Cannon and DC Young Fly Amy Sussman / Getty Images North America; Barry King / Getty Images North America

DC Young Fly says it wouldn’t feel right to host ‘Wild’ N Out ‘without Nick Cannon’s permission

DC Young Fly was asked if he would be open to taking over for Cannon in an interview on Oct. 27 on The Breakfast Club.

The comedian, who came into the show in season 7 after earning Vine a reputation for his famous roses, told the guests that if Cannon had offered him the role directly, that he would accept it. But since he didn’t, he doesn’t feel comfortable taking over.

“I want to [it] in the right way, ”he said. “I wanted to [it] given to me from the OG Is sh * t. It is not physical sh * t. I was not hired by a corporation. Nick hired me. ”

“So it would be a backstory for me to be like, ‘All right body, what do you want me to do?’ I know how the game gets. no [mess] I like that. Only you [mess] with all I can take with you. I want to be part of a family, and Wild Outside as a family, ”he continued.

DC Young Fly on stage
DC Young Fly onstage | Brian Stukes / Getty Images

He has continued to educate himself on the subject ever since, appearing in an August view on a program from the American Jewish Committee that he even learned that he has Jewish ancestry (via Page six).

Could Nick Cannon’s behavior win back his show?

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Wild Outside. But ViacomCBS employee Chris McCarthy pointed out in a November interview with Variety perhaps Cannon had a vision of getting his show back.

“We are continuing Nick’s journey and I am delighted with his mistakes,” said McCarthy. “He has been an extended part of our family for almost 20 years and a personal friend of mine for almost half that. He leads by example, apologizes and tries to learn to understand others and help them do the same. That’s the kind of companion we want to work with. ”

He did not share when Wild Outside it may be back on the air, but for fans, hopefully it won’t be too long.

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