Why Will Smith Says It’s ‘Scary’ and ‘Terrifying’ to Raise Jaden

Parenting is hard enough not to do it under the glare of the public eye, but that’s exactly what celebrities have to do. Every move they make as a parent will be open to scrutiny from fans and critics alike.

Yes, they may receive a reward with praise or even upheld as an example of parental encouragement, but even these rewards come with more weight to avoid any public messages. As any parent will tell you, it is virtually impossible to make all the right decisions every time, so many celebrities choose the lives of their children. to keep the attention of themselves and the children for privacy is much needed to navigate the challenges of growing up.

Will Smith is a capable actor with a huge fan following, and that popularity has been extensively explored in his marriage, parenting, and family dynamics. When it comes to his son, Jaden Smith, the public has been fiercely complaining, and Will Smith admits that it is difficult to pick up the young artist at times.

Will Smith’s family has been under the public microscope

Will Smith
Will Smith | Kevin Winter / Getty Images for AFI

It is not just their marriage that has drawn criticism. Their first child, a son named Jaden Smith, was born shortly after their marriage. A few years later, they welcomed a girl named Willow to their family.

Will Smith and Pinkett Smith have faced sharp criticism of their parenting style, which focuses on support and denial of punishment. Smith is not the only celebrity who has been criticized for his lack of control, but their approach to parenting certainly goes against the grain.

“The way we treat our children is a responsibility for their lives. Our concept, as young as possible, is to give them as much control over their lives as possible and the concept of punishment, our experience has been – there is a little too much negative quality his, ”explained Smith.

Will Smith’s children are free spirits

Over the years, the Smiths have given fans a lot to talk about. Willow and Jaden Smith are famous for saying things off the wall that many read as weird.

For example, Willow Smith once suggested that there is no time because she knows how to control it. Jaden Smith, who is involved in many creative hobbies, has also come up with ideas that caught people’s attention, incorporating a number of ideas that seemed self-aggrandizing and egotistic.

In a 2016 interview with Vanity Fair, Smith jokingly said that he and Pinkett Smith may have “gone too far” with their hands-on parenting test, but then became more skeptical about what a child looks like. raised as Jaden Smith who is so comfortable in his own skin.

“Jaden is 100 percent fearless, he will do anything. So he’s scary as a parent, he’s awesome – but he’s completely willing to live and die with his own artistic decisions and he just doesn’t care about what people think, ”Explained Smith.

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