Why Will Smith Memorized Every Early ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Script

Will Smith is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. There is a good reason for that. It probably has the largest range of Hollywood celebrities.

Smith can move from comedy, to action, to drama without realizing it. But the most interesting thing about Smith’s career is that he didn’t even start as an actor. Before being thrown in the first on-screen role as Will in The new Prince of Bel-Air, Smith was an accomplished musician.

Will Smith is a Grammy Award winner

Will Smith
Will Smith | Frazer Harrison / Getty Photos

Smith and his musical partner DJ Jazzy Jeff were already big names the hip-hop scene when the New Prince opportunity to present itself. Smith was known for his clean lyrics, and his tours were mainstream. The duo released “Summertime” in 1991, which was fantastic. The song completed a Grammy Award for Best Rap Play by a Duo or Group in 1991.

At the time, Smith had just started his television run Fresh Prince Bel-Air. It was first published in 1990, and may have been the subject of Smith’s greatest musical success. New prince, his music career began in the 1980s. He and Jazzy Jeff were an established team. Jeff even went on to appear on it New Prince by Smith.

The two released their first album, Rock of the House, in 1987. They had already made millions of their music before Smith was offered New prince, but ironically, he needed the work.

‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ brought Smith’s much-needed suction

Despite the fact that Smith had made a lot of money from his music before New Prince To begin with, he needed the money before the opportunity came. Smith made a lot of money in his early music career, but he wasn’t as smart with his money at first.

Smith spent his new money like crazy, and never sent money for the IRS. As a result, before he was offered a position New prince, he owed $ 2.8 million to the U.S. government.

Some stars spend all their money and go out of obscurity. Big names like Mike Tyson have completely broken down, despite the huge sums they have made in their careers.

Fortunately for Smith, he learned from his early mistakes. After getting on New prince, Smith managed his money better. In addition it has developed a strong business sense. His smart investments, as well as career savings, have earned him a net worth of $ 350 million.

Smith remembered everyone’s lines in ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

Smith needed it New Prince. He was in a difficult financial position, and his NBC sitcom was his chance to break into acting. As a result, Smith worked hard as well as set. Not only did he forget his own lines for every program, but he also remembered the lines of his cast members, all Cinema Mix.

According to Smith, the additional recollection was due to its perfection. Other than that, he wanted to do it New Prince blow. “It was my first job, and I was really looking forward to it, so I learned the whole script and everyone else’s lines. ”

This may be Smith’s way of compensating for fear of failure, but because of this practice, Smith can’t look back on old times of New Prince. According to Smith, his habit was strange, and when he looks at old times he sees himself in the mouths of other people. Smith can’t stand the memory of how much of an acting rookie he was, saying “It’s awful and I can’t watch it.”

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