Why Wendy Williams Doesn’t Regret Staying With Her Cheating Ex-Husband, Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams carries her soul in a new raw television biopic. Prior to her release, Williams takes a hard look at fans about what to expect and is not shy about sharing details about her marriage and divorce from Kevin Hunter. Williams divorced Hunter after more than 20 years of marriage because of such illegality but it appears in a recent interview why she does not regret staying with Hunter for so long.

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Wendy Williams says she did not leave Kevin Hunter because of their family

Williams was saddened when Hunter’s long-term relationship was discovered. Making matters worse, Hunter’s mistress became pregnant, leaving Williams to finally make the difficult decision to walk away. As Williams explained in a recent interview with Extra TV, Williams visited Hunter, describing him as a “serial cheater. ”

“Kevin cheated on me when I was pregnant with my son and I found out and I could have parted with him then,” she told Billy Bush. “But I said no, I have a son … but I didn’t want him to be left alone and I knew Billy wasn’t part of our death… Kevin was a serial cheater – he was Kevin’s mothers vary according to the part of his life. The last one was the one with whom he had the longest relationship. ”

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Nevertheless, Williams has no regrets. As for why someone would stay so successful with a series cheat, Williams said Journal of People in a statement that she did so because of her family.

“The more the show got to talk and the more I looked into my son’s eyes and saw what he needed in order for his father to be present at home, and his mother. and the foundation of the family, the more I decided to give it to myself, ”she said.

Wendy Williams now lives one bachelorette life

Since Hunter split in 2019, Williams has not looked back. The 56-year-old lives in a bachelorette badge in Manhattan fit for a queen. The 2,400 square foot home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Williams’ main bedroom has a marble vanity, heated flooring, and an electric toilet with a built-in bidet. The kitchen is upstairs as well, and Williams enjoys cooking and eating.

Williams loves her new life and says despite the pain from her divorce, she enjoys the fruits of her labor.

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“The life I live right now is my best life, and I have no qualms about saying that. I’m not sorry to meet Kevin, I have no regrets about falling in love, I have no regrets about living with him for 25 years, 21 of them got married, ”she told People Magazine. “I like who I am, so I have no regrets.”

For Williams, she is looking to the future. She confesses to Bush in her cat with Extra TV that she is excited about going back and the options that she has. She also says she is open for remarriage.

Williams’ talk show is in its 12th season and she is preparing for her much – anticipated Lifetime biopic, Wendy Williams: For Film. The film and emotional documentary will follow on January 30 at 8pm EST.

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