Why Sylvester Stallone Called This Actor ‘Impossible to Deal With’

Sylvester Stallone starred alongside Henry Winkler and Perry King in the 1974 Brooklyn-based film Lords of Flatbush. Another famous actor was supposed to play the part of David “Chico” Tyrell, but after some pressure with Stallone, King was eventually given the part,

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone | Leon Bennett / Getty Images

The ‘Rocky Balboa’ and ‘Pretty Woman’ stars did not merge

Before you became a boxing icon Rocky, Stallone Stanley Rosiello starred in the 1950s film set in New York City. The coming-of-age flick focused on four teenagers in a gang called The Lords, played by newcomers Stallone and King, alongside Winkler and actor Paul Mace. Lords of Flatbush it has been rumored that it has set the stage for Stallone ‘s legendary character, Rocky Balboa, as a tough guy with a golden heart.

New actor Richard Gere was ready to play Tyrell and had already started rehearsing Lords of Flatbush and Stallone. Oscar winner revealed that Gere immediately rubbed him in the wrong way.

“He would walk around in his motorcycle jacket,” Stallone said back in 2006, according to CinemaBlend, “As if he were the poorest knight at the round table.”

“The director had to make a choice,” Stallone said. “One of us had to go, one of us had to stay. Richard received his walking papers and to this day I still don’t like him. ”

Clearly, both actors did not lose their jobs. Both Stallone and Gere are still regarded as box office attractions despite their established spat.

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