Why Snoop Dogg Was Once Banned From the United Kingdom

The famous rapper, Snoop Dogg, also known as Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., was once banned from the United Kingdom, although that is no longer true. Below we have all the details about the situation that may be of interest to fans. And of course this is not the only place the artist has been banned from applying before.

Snoop Dogg was once banned from the United Kingdom

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg | Gary Miller / Getty Images

The rapper, called celebrities Nuthin Ach a G’thang, he himself was banned in 2006. Snoop Dogg was banned from entering the United Kingdom, but why did this happen you might ask? Snoop and his intellectuals made a scene and engaged in a brawl at the airport in Heathrow that led to the artist’s arrest when everything was said and done.

according to The Keeper, some Snoop entourage was not allowed into the first-class seating area for British Airways. The revelation says the men entered the area, and were told not to make the flight to Johannesburg where Snoop was supposed to make it. Officers intervened in the situation, and change was maintained. Bottles were also reported broken in shops in the building.

Snoop was later arrested, along with five others for violent disorder. When it happened, seven policemen and security guards were injured in the rubble.

Snoop Dogg is allowed to enter the UK again

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg | Scott Legato / Getty Images

Snoop went ahead and applied for a travel visa to the United Kingdom a year later despite the ban, but was not allowed to enter after the situation at Heathrow airport badly -fortunate. It was bad news for fans, as he was trying to tour with another rap icon, P. Diddy. Fans were unable to see both tours together in the UK that year.

The Keeper reports that Snoop was denied a travel visa in 2007 for a musical tour with P. Diddy. The ban on Snoop’s entry into the UK was lifted in 2008 after an immigration judge ruled in his favor, but that was not the last of the drama surrounding the situation. sticky.

Things did not end there, thinking that not everyone agreed with the decision, and the United Kingdom Border Agency went on to question it. A decision was to be upheld by an “asylum and immigration tribunal” according to the publication. The decision came back in March 2010 that the original ruling was not right, and Snoop can now come and go as he pleases in the United Kingdom.

After all that drama, it may not surprise some fans to know that this is not the only time Snoop has had issues with being banned in other countries before .

Snoop Dogg has also been banned in Norway and Australia in the past as well

That’s not the only issue involving an international ban known to the famous rapper Let it simmer as it is hot has been dealing with. It is also banned from Australia and Norway for various reasons. However, he is allowed back in both countries again as he turned, which seems to be a move for him as things stand.

Spin reports that Snoop was banned in Australia at one point in 2007 by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, but the decision was overturned in 2008 and he was allowed to go on a tour again. according to NME, the ban in Australia was the result of previous crimes in the United States involving the costs of weapons and drugs.

Snoop further banned his list in 2012 in the form of Norway. This time it was for marijuana, which may not surprise some of his fans.

The BBC reports that he was banned from Norway for two years after he found eight grams of marijuana on it at the airport. He was also fined for giving more money to what is legal there in a dramatic turn of events.

It turns out that Snoop Dogg is no stranger to being banned in other countries. The rapper is a myth, as fans would definitely agree.

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