Why Sarah Paulson Cried the Last Day Shooting ‘American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson’

Sarah Paulson called her final day on set American Crime Story: The People Against OJ Simpson. Find out what made Paulson feel like her world was falling apart.

Sarah Paulson
Sarah Paulson | Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Playing Marcia Clark is a key event in Sarah Paulson’s career

In 2016, Paulson brought Marcia Clark back to prime-time television screens in Ryan Murphy American Crime Story: The People Against OJ Simpson.

Playing the main prosecutor in the murder case of OJ Simpson was something that “permanently changed” Paulson’s life. She won the Primetime Emmy award for lead actress in a limited edition series – a dream come true for Paulson. But winning that Emmy made Paulson’s life “worse.” ”

“[You think] ‘Is that it?’ Paulson explained the Off camera by Sam Jones podcast. “Am I ever going to get a part that is so interesting and exciting and challenging and scary and relaxing with people? Am I ever going to take the opportunity to fight hard for a character while I do it? Is it ever so important to me? ”

Sarah Paulson was very anxious about playing roles after Marcia Clark played

Paulson took Clark’s role against each other, to the point where she didn’t know where Paulson ended up and Clark started. After struggling for such a long career, Paulson felt a bit lost when the show woke up.

“Now I’ve got the experience, and as amazing as it was, I don’t have that experience now wanting that, ”said Paulson. “I don’t want to. You have to think, ‘I hope I can do something again. Can I be good without that same curiosity about what it would be like to have a part that felt so amazing? ‘”

Paulson cited his career as Clark as the premier of professional life. She’s just hope that wasn’t the end of her iconic careers.

The final day of the set of ‘American Crime Story’ was ‘devastating’ for Sarah Paulson

Paulson has not won more positions. Instead, she wants more parts that leave her feeling empty inside as they fold. She wants more careers that leave her feeling the way The Story of American Crime rinn.

Paulson is hopeful with every post, she feels like she did when she walked off a set People vs. OJ and crying in her trailer.

“[I wept because] they were taking down Marcia Clark ‘s bookshelf and taking the things off the walls and they were cleaning my drawer where I had left the sides and packs of gum and lumps of cigarettes for the six months we were shooting, ”Paulson explained.

It was just like they were taking a destructive ball to something that was in my house. It was devastating for me because I knew I had never had such a part. And if it took me 41 years to participate as well, did I have to wait another 41 years?

No matter what Paulson runs in the roles she takes on, her fans are consistently captivated by the work she puts out.

“You have to bless a specific part of yourself that achieves a goal,” Paulson admitted. Fortunately, Paulson can do just that and embrace new roles for fans to be excited.

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