Why Sarah Jessica Parker Called Her Relationship With Robert Downey Jr. an ‘Adventurous, Important 8 Years of My Life’

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Robert Downey, Jr. and A-lister Sarah Jessica Parker on one of the hottest couples in Hollywood back in the 80s. Together for nearly eight years, the couple separated as a result of Downey’s substance abuse.

In a previous interview, Parker recalled her time with the Avengers star and why their connection was so important in his life.

MCU star Robert Downey Jr.  and Sarah Jessica Parker
MCU star Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker LIFE photo collection through Getty Images

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The two actors met on the set of the 1984 film First child. Parker and Downey were both 18 years old and just starting their tour in Hollywood. The pair wasted no time and moved in together after just a few weeks of dating.

“It was an incredibly positive, important eight years of my life,” Parker said when asked in a 2018 interview Network THA of her relationship with Downey. “We were together for a long time. He was the first person I lived with. His career was just beginning. I was so proud to see it succeed and, you know, watch it grow professionally. ”

Downey’s abuse of reputable products was an issue between the couple all their time together.

“It’s no secret that he was struggling,” Parker said. “I had never been open to that, so I didn’t feel very equipped. ”

“We came together,” said the Hocus Pocus said a star. “He asked me. He was very pleased to see. I was lucky because I never felt that hard feelings. We hadn’t grown apart. We had just gotten on with our lives. He was married and had a family. He was very pleased to see. ”

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