Why Sammy Davis Jr. Joined the Church of Satan — and Why He Left It

Tha Sammy Davis Jr. famous for innocent music like the hit “Candy Man,” however, it had a devilish side. He joined the Church of Satan at one point. This is why he was attracted to the Church – and why he left.

Sammy Davis Jr.  wearing a tie
Sammy Davis Jr. | NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images via Getty Images

The Church of Satan is not like this

First, a little background. The phrase “Church of Satan” seems to be a combination of images of devil worshipers from horrific television shows. To explain what Stan’s Church is, it may be better to look at the words of Peter H. Gilmore, the current High Priest of the church.

“The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey as a means of promoting his individual, atheistic philosophy that uses aspects of religion, such as symbolism and ritual, to offer a vision that allows all I continue to be the center of it at his heart. personal hemisphere itself, ”said Gilmore Dread Central. ”Every Satanist is his own‘ god ’so he is free to develop a hierarchy of values ​​aimed at improving their lives and the lives of the people, objects and ideas they have chosen to value…. We are skeptical, pragmatic builders, so the Church of Satan defines itself as a flesh religion…. ”

“Mr. Bojangles ”by Sammy Davis Jr.

While some might see membership in such a group as immoral. Davis saw it as a sign of openness. “It was a short-term interest, but I still have a lot of friends in the Church of Satan,” Davis said. “I say this to show just how weird the subject is I will not judge until I find out everything I can about it. People who can raise an interesting issue often find that I am willing to turn around. ”

However, Davis left the Church. He said it was because one of the Church parties went horrific although he did not specify how. Gilmore told Dread Central that Davis ’membership in the Church was part of a movement of popular musicians to be Satanists, including Marilyn Manson, King Diamond, and Marc Almond of Soft Cell. Davis’ connection to the Church is a fascinating part of his life and American religious history – even though he did not survive.

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