Why Regina King Is the ‘Female Tom Hanks’, According to Her Friend

Why friends Regina King, the Oscar-winning and Emmy-winning actress from HBO’s Watchers, refer to her as the “female Tom Hanks?”

Regina King, best known for films such as ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ and ‘Ray’, discusses the concept of power

Regina King with her Oscar
Regina King, Oscar winner for best actress in a supporting role If I could talk about Beale Street in 2019 | Frazer Harrison / Getty Photos

King spoke recently Glamor about her management debate – a film called One night in Miami – as well as her relationship to power as a Black woman in Hollywood.

“There are times when I feel like I can look back on my life and see for sure that I may have more power than I thought I had,” she explained. However, she did not always recognize her strength right now.

“And because I didn’t know, I didn’t get in,” King continued. “I didn’t use it myself, because I didn’t understand it.” Finding her power was not a “light bulb” – it happened over time.

“But I will say thank you for God’s wisdom because I am much more in tune with that power,” he said. Watchers star following.

However, a wields King who overcomes sensibly – and with determination. She told Glamor:

I wait when I talk about power as it relates to me because I worry about it coming off as a dictator or something like that. That part for me who always wants to be careful not to fall off like that, but I for sure a person who loves to be controlled. I believe I am against walking.

Why King peers compare Oscar-winning actor to movie star Tom Hanks

However, King ‘s sexual orientation must be that of the person in charge of coming to terms as a producer – and now, of course – a film director.

Speaking to “the King’s friends and contemporaries,” Glamor actually concluded that she was “the furthest away from a dictator. ”

“It will maintain a leadership that is committed to openness, to a level of excellence,” the publication said. “And that approach has been a great honor for her.”

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks in 2016 | Images of Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty

According to her colleague Holly Robinson Peete, King makes everyone visible – and that makes everyone see more of her.

“Everyone feels like she has a piece of it, right? ”Robinson Peete Division. “They feel like they know her, she’s everyone’s friend.”

Perhaps that concept around King – that she is so friendly and approachable – is why Peete compares the If I could talk about Beale Street star to Hanks.

“I think of her as, like, Tom Hanks’ wife,” Robinson Peete told Glamor. “You know, there’s nobody who doesn’t like Tom Hanks.” The actor thinks King has the same reputation for herself.

“Regina is that person in this industry where everyone is always rooted for her,” Robinson Peete fled.

Another of King’s famous buddies, Gabrielle Union, wholeheartedly agreed. Just like Hanks – who has used his talents in a wide variety of film projects, and has extended his career to writing, directing and producing – is anything King rubbing tends to be very good.

Union of Regina King and Gabrielle
Regina King and Gabrielle’s union at Black Girls Rock 2012! event Johnny Nunez / WireImage

“She can do anything,” said Union. “It is not based on gender or type of character or generation or time. She moves effortlessly through everything. ”

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