Why New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Hasn’t Touched His NFL Salary

Rob Gronkowski is known for being a great football player. Since joining the NFL, he has been seen as one of the tight heads are best in the game. Gronkowski has also gained a reputation for his off-field fun personality. Although at first glance, one may not argue Gronkowski with the Rhodes Scholar, there is one area where Gronkowski has shown that he is very intelligent and capable: his finances.

Let’s take a closer look at why the New England Patriots ’star and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers star has not touched his NFL salary.

Rob Gronkowski shakes as he walks off the football field
Rob Gronkowski shakes as he jumps off the field | Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

A legendary NFL role

according to Pro Football Reference, the New England Patriots climbed Gronkowski out of Arizona in 2010. Since then, he has never been short of one of the best tight goals in football. He is a four-time All-Pro, a five-time Pro Bowler, and a three-time Super Bowl champion.

Gronkowski established himself as one of the elite options available in the NFL almost immediately. The tight end was a rare combination of size and strength with speed and agility.

While a major blocker, it is also faster down the ground than many wide receivers that are a fraction of its size. He also plays the game with reckless abandonment.

Because of his rough and diving style of play, Gronkowski suffered several injuries during his career. With this in mind, after the Patriots ’last Super Bowl victory after the 2018-2019 season, the so-called talented tight end is retiring.

So how was he able to do this? This is because he has made good money over his playing days, and he was wise with the luck he amassed.

What did Rob Gronkowski do during his NFL career?

Gronkowski is currently in the final year of his six-year, $ 54 million contract, according to Spotrac. He signed the contract with New England before retiring and was traded to Tampa Bay, who held the contract. This year, Gronkowski will make $ 9.25 million. Gronkowski’s career salary earnings are just under $ 54 million.

Gronkowski is a free agent unhindered next season, so it’s hard to tell if he’ll add to this already huge amount. He retired in 2019, possibly due to wear and tear on his body. Only Tom Brady moved to Tampa Bay it was enough to get out of retirement.

It’s safe to assume Brady will go, so will Gronkowski. Brady is well into his 40s now, so no return is expected next season. If he chooses to return, however, it is a reason the Bucs will be re – signing Gronkowski to play alongside him. Gronkowski has long been one of Brady’s favorite targets.

Why Rob Gronkowski hasn’t touched on his NFL salary

Gronkowski has made a few scratches through his playing days, but he’s been wise not to touch on that. Instead, it has avoided the serious problem faced by many athletes by blowing all their money on emergency purchases. according to CNBC, Gronkowski uses a different approach to his money:

“I live off my marketing money and haven’t blown it on expensive cars, expensive money, or tattoos and still have my favorite pair of jeans from high school. ”

It makes sense. Gronkowski has made so much from both NFL salary and deals, he seems to have enough from both to survive a lifetime.

By stabbing his NFL money away, he saves himself from working later in life. There are countless stories of athletes ruining their huge net worth of friends, family, and buying big tickets unknowingly. What a thing you want about Gronkowski, but he has shown that he has advanced financial acumen.

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