Why Meghan Markle Will Reportedly Never Return to the Royal Family

The British royal family is an interesting group of people – there is no denying that. Millions of fans log on to news sites to read about them every day, appear on the streets for hours hoping to get a glimpse, and there are countless people. tuning in to see Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex get married. at a live television broadcast.

However, royal life was difficult for the couple. From the moment they announced they were in a relationship, they had almost no privacy, not to mention that the tabloids and news media had been relentless.

Meghan and Prince Harry had done everything they could think of to escape the sleazy scene, including leaving London and settling in. in Windsor, England. Finally, in a move that surprised everyone, the duke and duchess announced that they would be retiring from royal duties, and embarking on a new journey that was -dependent of the British monarchy.

Now, new reports suggest Meghan will never return to the royal family.

Meghan’s reputation rose to prominence after joining the royal family

Meghan Markle will be attending the 2018 Christmas Day Church service
Meghan Markle | UK Press Pool / UK Press tro Getty Images

Meghan’s reputation began years before he met Prince Harry. After graduating from Northwestern University, she embarked on a career in acting, taking on small roles alongside big-name actors, and eventually gained fame after taking on the paralegal role of Rachel Zane. Suits.

It was only a few years ago that she was introduced to Prince Harry after being set on a blind date by friends of each other, and suddenly she began to get attention like never before . Meghan became one of the most popular women in the world after her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry, but certainly all that fame came at a price.

The duchess was being attacked by British tabloids, to the point where she was Prince Harry released more than one statement asking them to return. Things got worse and to this day, Meghan’s battle with the media is far from over.

The Meghan Markle royal uprising

When the royal proclamation of Meghan and Prince Harry was announced, many questioned whether it was possible to return. But the truth is that Meghan will never return to the royal family.

Why is this? As it turns out, Meghan is well known to have strong political views, something that goes against what she was given the opportunity to talk about during her time as royal. Chances are, the Duchess is much happier now that she has the freedom to do as she pleases, so a return is not like an option for her.

According to a source, reports DailyMail, Meghan “will never want a way back after discovering that the royal family is not a place for someone with political ambition.”

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