Why Matthew McConaughey Tries to Avoid Dating His Co-Stars Even When He Had Crushes

Some actors fall for their constellations, but Matthew McConaughey has tried to avoid it. That doesn’t mean he didn’t date them, or that he didn’t have pressures. Here’s how he felt about Sandra Bullock and why he doesn’t want to mix business with happiness.

Matthew McConaughey developed pressure on Sandra Bullock

It is sometimes revealed that movie co-stars have fallen in love. But McConaughey explained why it’s better for the audience not to find out if the actors had a romantic relationship.

“If you look at the history of films, when you see a couple – say they made a film together and then, later on, they get married, and they make another film together,” he said. Howard Stern Exhibition. “Watch the film – when they’re really good the film is before it’s ever been public that they come together. ”

The actor thinks that people would not feel the same way if things were different. “But once they get married, you watch that movie, they’re nowhere near as good as each other… The movie is when they meet that you go, ‘That’s the one [where] this is awful, ‘”he continued.

McConaughey said he has “organically” avoided personal contact with his constellations. “I always tried to keep it professional and the people I worked with did, I have to say, too,” he said.

The actor talked about a little crushing. “We may have had a certain pressure on each other at certain times, but we always just kept it professional,” he said. “Or maybe we were going around someone badly outside of us at the time and we both respected that for the other side.”

The actor seems to think that movies with two people who are not in a relationship are better. But he has developed a rind on his constellations.

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