Why Marilyn Monroe’s Former Husband Refused to Attend Her Funeral

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe were seen as the most likely couple in Hollywood. Miller, the playwright’s badass, and Monroe, the bombshell sex symbol, made the strange pair. But still, they loved him dearly, and eventually married each other.

Although their marriage did not last, they still cared deeply about each other.
Because of this, the public was left scratching their heads when the playwright refused to go to Monroe’s funeral. Keep reading to find out why.

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller with Marilyn Monroe in 1956 Hulton-Deutsch / CORBIS / Corbis Collection via Getty Images

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe were friends for years before they married

Miller and Monroe met years before the star fired on fame. They were at a party, talking in a corner, when she told him she really wanted to be a dramatic actress. When she said this, everyone else in the room started laughing.

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe in 'The Misfits'
Writer Arthur Miller stands above Marilyn Monroe between scenes from the film ‘The Misfits’, 1961 United Artists / Getty Images

They believed that a sexual symbol like Monroe could never be adopted because of her status as a “dumb blonde.” But Miller was one of the few men who was able to realize her potential. And because he believed in her, she began to fall in love with Miller. At the same time, she became a fantasy woman.

Although Miller was married to someone else at the time, he could not get his mind from Monroe.

She eventually married another baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. But still, despite the fact that the two were married to others, Miller and Monroe never stop thinking about each other.

Why didn’t Arthur Miller go to Marilyn Monroe’s funeral?

Marilyn Monroe and her husband, Arthur Miller
Marilyn Monroe and her husband, Arthur Miller Hal Mathewson / NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

Eventually, after they separated, Miller and Monroe married. They separated years later, but were still friends.

But when she sadly passed away in 1962, the playwright refused to go to her funeral.

Despite being in love with Monroe for several years, Miller had no interest in dating. It felt like her service was like a “circus” of paparazzi and the media, full of people he believed had offended her. And as it turned out, he was right about one thing: The funeral was a circus.

Marilyn Monroe and American playwright Arthur Miller
Marilyn Monroe and American playwright Arthur Miller | Paul Schutzer / LIFE Image Collection through Getty Images

Mar The Independent reports, although only 31 guests were expected to attend, 500 people ended up crashing the service.
Miller even wrote an essay on the year she died, explaining why he was not present:

“Instead of jetting [from New York] to the funeral to take my picture, I decided to stay at home and let the public mourners finish their mockery, ”he wrote, via The Independent. “It simply came to our notice then. Most of them there ruined it, gentlemen. ”

Arthur Miller believed Hollywood had destroyed Marilyn Monroe

Miller And Monroe
Arthur Miller with his wife Marilyn Monroe | Photos Bob Haswell / Express / Getty

“It was destroyed by a lot of things, and some of those things are yours,” he said, referring to the big scenes with the title in Hollywood. “Now that you are standing there crying and staring, happy that it is not you who is going into the earth, glad that it was this loving girl who finally killed you. ”

“He thought Hollywood was somehow destroyed,” said Miller biographer Christopher Bigsby.

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