Why ‘Little House on the Prairie’s’ Melissa Gilbert Demanded Rob Lowe ‘Go Away’ Right After He Proposed To Her

Toilet on the MoorMelissa Gilbert was afraid she would marry Rob Lowe. Though she thought it was the love of her life, her then-boyfriend had a history of being impatient about it.

On the one hand, she was the only person she was really connected to at such a deep level. On the other hand, he had a bad habit of jumping into bed with several women. Gilbert felt torn.

So when he finally suggested, the Toilet on the Moor star feels overwhelmed with emotions. As a result, she ended up moving it away while still down on one knee. She needed time to think.

Rob Lowe at the 1984 Limelight
Rob Lowe in 1984 | Patrick McMullan / Getty Images

How did Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe meet?

Gilbert and Lowe first met at very important studios when they were around fourteen. Although there was an immediate pull between them, Gilbert says nothing came out of their first meeting.

Rob Lowe and actress Melissa Gilbert
Rob Lowe and actress Melissa Gilbert | Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images

Shortly afterwards a year or two later, the two saw each other in their cars while engaged in LA traffic. While locked at a red light, they provided contact information. Lowe contacted her weeks later, and the two went on their first date.

According to Gilbert, it was very successful because they ended up being a couple a day later.
“I fell instantly, hopelessly and firmly in love,” she writes. “We went from the first date to a couple immediately. I felt like I was hungry for Rob. ”

Melissa Gilbert asked Rob Lowe to go missing after praising her

Rob Lowe and actress Melissa Gilbert attend the 1984 Ghostbusters Premiere
Rob Lowe and actress Melissa Gilbert attend the 1984 Ghostbusters Premiere | Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images

While most women happily behave after the love of their life suggests, Gilbert had another response. Lowe’s suggestion came as a complete surprise as the two were going around others right before he went down on one knee. Lowe had just broken things up with Princess Stephanie of Monaco just days earlier, while Gilbert was in a bad relationship with another man.

“I was completely lost,” Gilbert writes. Prairie story. “I was absolutely blown away! Finally, I said, ‘Rob, it’ s just too much. Hall. Give me some time, and I will give you an answer. “

Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert
Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images

But despite how happy Gilbert was with the prospect of marrying her soul mate, something inside her said that she would make a terrible decision by agreeing to his proposal.

“Don’t do it, she thought to herself. “You already have an amazing one. He worships you. You’re going to break his heart, and then you’ll be sad. ”

Gilbert apparently refused to listen to her gut. Instead, she went with her heart and accepted Lowe’s praise.

This was one of the biggest mistakes she ever made.

Rob Lowe left Melissa Gilbert once he found out she was pregnant with her baby

Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert
Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images

As heartbroken, Gilbert then had to put things off with his girlfriend so she could get on with Lowe’s praise. But sadly, it all went downhill after they agreed to their marriage Parks and Recreation actor.

Among the connection, Gilbert discovered she was pregnant with Lowe’s baby. Once she broke the news to her lover, all hell broke loose.

“I saw the look on her face change from panic to horror,” she writes of Lowe’s response. “It was like stepping into a bottomless pit. I felt the horror of falling and no one catch me. ”
“I can’t be a father,” Lowe said with tears in his eyes. He then said emphatically, “I cannot be a man. Melissa, I can’t be a lover right now … I’m so sorry. It’s over. “

Shortly afterwards, Gilbert suffered a miscarriage. “I had lost my baby and my friendship with Rob,” she said. “It hurt like hell.”

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