Why Lisa Rinna Is Reportedly ‘Worried’ About Daughter Amelia Hamlin Dating Scott Disick

In case you missed it, Scott Disick seems to be striking up romance with it Real Beverly Mountains star Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s 19-year-old daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin. The two have been seen hanging out on each other more than once recently and appear to be getting very close.

While the status of the relationship isn’t clear, it’s safe to say that Disick and Hamlin are dating, which doesn’t sit well with Rinna.

Amelia Hamlin and Lisa Rinna
Amelia Gray Hamlin and Lisa Rinna Gregg DeGuire / FilmMagic

What ‘s really going on between Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin?

Disick and Hamlin were first linked on October 31, when they went to the 25th birthday bash of Kendall Jenner together.

At the time, the model denied he was romantically involved with Disick while grabbing paparazzi. However, just a few days later, the pair were spotted hanging out around each other around California, prompting a profit that something was going on between them.

Then on November 16, Disick and Hamlin apparently confirmed their romantic romance after being photographed walking arm down beach in Santa Barbara together.

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The trip raised a lot of high eyes as a result of the couple’s almost 20-year-old age difference and prompted many people to express their bad relationship about their relationship on social media.

Lisa Rinna’s view of Disick and Hamlin’s relationship

While many believe Disick and Hamlin are moving toward a romantic relationship, Hamlin’s parents – Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin – believe their daughter’s romance with the Keeping up with the Kardashians a star is not as bad as some think it is.

according to E! News, Rinna and Hamlin believe that this relationship is “just a stage” and nothing more.

Insiders even said that Hamlin and Disick ‘s relationship is very platonic at the moment.

“Scott is having a great time,” a source told the shop. “He gets to know Amelia and enjoys her company. They spend a lot of time together but it’s not very bad. He’s having fun with it. ”

Although the relationship is not bad, the source pointed out that Rinna exists Real Beverly Mountains constellations suspect her youngest daughter who is going back on the Flip it like a disc star. “Lisa’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars are definitely catching the eye,” the source said.

Lisa Rinna thinks Scott Disick has too many bags

While Rinna and Hamlin weren’t too worried about their daughter’s relationship with Disick at first, they are now skeptical of the pair’s uplifting romance because of their 20-year-old age difference.

A source close to the family was recently reported The sun that Rinna is “worried” about her daughter dating Disick but doesn’t plan to speak out about the model’s new relationship anytime soon.

“Lisa is not going to publicly acknowledge this for now because she is still trying to wrap her head around it and she thinks this is a step,” the source explained. “But when she talks about it she keeps it cool but honestly, she’s worried. That is her youngest child. “

Lisa Rinna and her daughters
Delilah Belle Hamlin, Lisa Rinna, and Amelia Gray Hamlin Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for Harper’s BAZAAR

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While many at the pair’s age gap with Rinna feel this way, that’s not the only thing about their relationship that has raised concerns for the reality star.

The source said, “She loves Scott but she and Harry don’t want someone their age with so many bags with their little girl, especially with Amelia’s own mental health issues. ”

Neither Disick nor Hamlin have yet publicly confirmed their relationship status.

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