Why Lauren Sorrentino Is Relieved Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Isn’t Allowed at Her Prenatal Appointments

In 2021, the Jersey Coast family gets a little bigger! Jersey Coast: family vacation stars Mike “The Situation” and Lauren Sorrentino will welcome their first child in May 2021.

Pregnancy with a pandemic is not a joke, but power couple Mike and “Laurens” try to be positive. Find out why Lauren is relieved that Mike can’t come to antenatal doctor meetings.

Lauren and Mike 'The SItuation' Sorrentino
Lauren and Mike ‘The SItuation’ Sorrentino | Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images for MTV

‘Big Daddy Sitch’ and ‘Laurens’ have a big boy

Over Thanksgiving Day 2020, Mike and Lauren shared their pregnancy news with Jersey Coast fans on social media. Then, on December 8, the couple revealed the sex of the baby.

“Gym Tan We have a little boy,” said Mike and Lauren Instagram. Lauren reports being pregnant with a baby on the It is a child’s situation Instagram account, but not many fans can wait to meet Baby Sorrentino in May 2021.

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino ‘on guard’ over coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

Tron “Resolute”Program of the Here ‘s the Sitch podcast, the Sorretinos discussed the exciting things to come in 2021, including their new baby. They also addressed what it is like to become pregnant due to a pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

“My heart is so attached to this baby already,” Lauren said.

“I’ll be honest with you, I won’t complain about it [Mike not being able to be there], ”Lauren said. “I’m relieved because that means they’re not letting anyone in. They do not allow people traveling into the city by public transport – there is far more risk from too many people. ”

Lauren is comfortable because very few people are allowed to go to her doctor’s meetings because she and Baby Sorrentino can keep her healthy.

At this stage, she is not worried about what is wrong with being pregnant with a pandemic. Ms.’s position is just happy to be healthy and heavy.

When it comes time to give birth, Mike will be allowed in the room with Lauren. She would also like her mother to be present for the birth, but with the pandemic restrictions, that may not be possible.

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