Why Isn’t ‘This Is Us’ New Tonight, Jan. 19? NBC Will Air a Rerun Instead of the Next Season 5 Episode

The last program of This is us Season 5 left fans on edge. However, NBC recently moved their album to rebroadcast on Tuesday, January 19. So why not This is us new tonight and when will the fifth season return? Viewers will have to wait a few weeks before the next program is released.

Dan Fogelman explains why season 5 ‘This Is Us’ will not present a new program tonight, January 19th

As mentioned, the last new program of This is us Season 5 left fans on the edge of their seats. Randall (Sterling K. Brown) eventually learned the story of his birth mother and how much his biological parents loved him. This allowed Randall to release his pain, which included his sex with Kevin (Justin Hartley). But when Randall called his brother, Kevin was driving into the night to get to Madison (Caitlin Thompson), who went into early work.

At the same time, the This is us The Season 5 Episode 7 promo trailer suggested that Kevin get into a car accident. So fans don’t know if Kevin will make it to Madison in time or how the tragedy will affect the characters moving forward. That said, the brief prevented Kevin from reaching his destination in one piece.

“Kevin is embarking on a difficult road journey,” the summary reads. “Young Jack and Kevin go to football training camp. ”

Whatever happens when This is us Season 5 of Episode 7 on NBC, it’s clear that Kevin-centric’s program will be “Will Be”. So get ready for figs. You have two weeks to prepare.

This is us Episode 7 season 5 is expected to air on Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

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