Why Ina Garten Kept Turning Down Food Network When They Wanted Her to Do ‘Barefoot Contessa’

Ina Garten looks very natural in front of the camera, but it took a lot of credit to make her agree to do it. Contessa barefooted cookery demonstration. Fortunately, Food Network stood out, as it revealed why it was so willing to appear on TV.

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten at the 2019 New Yorker Festival
Ina Garten | Brad Barket / Getty Images for the New Yorker

Ina Garten admitted why she did not want to do a cookery demonstration

During an interview with 2017 by PBS News, Garten shed some light on how she started with her Contessa barefooted show and apparently took a lot of coaxing from Food Network to get her on board.

Food Network executives asked Garten to hold a cooking party but she put them down again. “I realize you weren’t willing to do television in the first place?” PBS News asked the writer William Brangham.

Garten shared her thoughts on being involved in a TV show and why it was something she didn’t feel was good enough. “The sub-statement is the sub-statement,” she replied. “I said ‘no’ over and over. I didn’t think I would be good on TV. I couldn’t think why anyone would see it. ”

“Fortunately, Food Network kept coming back and they said, ‘try it’ and I thought, ‘well I’ll do 13 shows and they’ll leave me alone. ‘And happily, that was 15 years later … I’m still doing it,’ she said at the time.

Ina Garten returns with a new season of ‘Barefoot Contessa’

On October 23, 2020, Garten announced a new season of her show, sharing a blooper reel of hilarious moments from Contessa barefooted.

She captioned the video: “NEW SEASON de Contessa barefooted kicks off Food Network this Sunday, October 25 at 12PM, and it’s a little different this time around. We’re looking back at some of my favorite recipes and we’ve filmed new ones I’ve submitted on my own on my iPhone – and as you can tell by the cocktail reel bloopers, it was crazy! ”

She continued, “So in addition to writing recipes, I add hair, makeup, food styling, prop stylist, cameraman, audio tech, AND director to my resume! I never lost my TV crew again! I hope you enjoy the shows! ”

In the clip, Garten mixes drinks, explaining, “I like making cocktails, they’re just fun to make and they’re fun to drink… I really like to get work where you need to drinking at work. Naturally, many take the chef sucking her cocktails and say “Cheers. ”

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She doesn’t watch herself on TV

Although she is one of the Food Network’s most popular guests, Garten once appeared in an interview with the Food Network. network why she never sees herself on the show.

“I couldn’t. If I was watching a show, I don’t think I would do it again, ”Garten told Food Network. “Filming was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. It’s just awful. I haven’t used it yet. ”

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