Why ‘His Dark Materials’ Star Amir Wilson Looks So Familiar

Its dark materials featuring a new young star who may be familiar to some viewers. Amir Wilson plays Lyra Belacqua’s (Dafne Keen) new friend, Will Parry, in an HBO fantasy drama. Here’s an explanation of who Wilson is and what else he’s been up to.

Amir Wilson and Dafne Keen in 'His Dark Materials'
Amir Wilson and Dafne Keen in ‘His Dark Materials’ | HBO

Amir Wilson began her career at a young age

Wilson, 16, is a British actor who began his career with a Shrewsbury theater group called Get Your Wigle On when he was 8-years old. Early on, he appeared in local productions of The Wizard of Oz and An Artful Dodger. But in 2014, he landed his first major theater career as a young Simba in Disney’s West End production King of the Lions.

In 2019, Wilson played a small part in The Kid Who Would Be King. And soon after, he was cast as Will Parry for the first season of Its dark materials.

But if Wilson is looking familiar, perhaps because of his lead role in Netflix drama, The Letter for the King. In the fantasy series, he plays Tiuri, an ambitious knight who finds him on a mission to deliver an emergency letter to the king.

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Amir Wilson’s role in ‘His Dark Materials’ was a mystery

When Amir Wilson joined a team Its dark materials for Season 1, he was asked to keep the post a secret. In an interview with EW, the actor noted how difficult it was to support a mother when the show first appeared.

“At first glance, if people asked me if I was in season 1, I just had to say ‘no,'” Wilson said. “I hadn’t talked about it with anyone. “Why did people know he had been named Will before, a month or two before I was shown.”

“People thought that was just for season 2 and they put in the time so we could film Will’s world just in time for the season 1 premiere,” he continued. “So, yes, I had to keep it a secret, which was very difficult because I wanted to tell people, ‘I’m in season 1! I’m in season 1! We had to keep hush. ”

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The ‘His Dark Materials’ star would like to be the next James Bond

There is no doubt that Wilson has a promising career ahead of him. The Letter for the King he may be landing a second season. And there is a good chance too Its dark materials will be picked up for season 3.

But speaking to Schon Magazine, Wilson noted that his dream role is to play the famous British spy, James Bond. “I want to be a Bond,” he said. “I think that would be a dream. I’ve seen the Bond movies as a kid, and I’ve even put the book down. “

But Wilson would also like to explore his dark side in the future. He told the rebel, if he gets a chance, he would like to play a villain.

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“I want to play an evil character,” Wilson said. “Someone everyone hates. I’d like to see what that would be like. I’ve never been so good at playing the good guy, so I want to see what it’s like to play someone totally bad. ”

Quarter 2 of Its dark materials currently on HBO. New events take place weekly, on Mondays, at 9pm EST.

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