Why George Clooney Was Once Called a ‘Pilot Killer’

It’s hard to imagine that two-time Oscar winner George Clooney spent nearly a decade making television pilots that never built networks.

Clooney himself believes he has been involved in 16 or 17 pilots, eight of which he did not make to the small screen. He bluntly admits that it was bad luck when it came to TV pilots.

Still, according to Vocal, he grabbed a few parts that appeared over and over again before he came to a role as Dr. Dr. Ross Ross on NBC medical drama, ER, in 1994. After ER, no one has ever called him a pilot killer.

Mystique Clooney

George Timothy Clooney was born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky, but was raised in the river town of Augusta, about 36 miles from Cincinnati and his beloved basketball team, the Cincinnati Reds. His father is a host of American Movie Classic and acclaimed journalist, Nick Clooney. His aunt was singer Rosemary Clooney, who was married to actor Jose Ferrer.

The Clooney story caught the eye of early George. From the moment he was able to follow his enterprising father around the newsroom, he turned his attention to social activity and acting, despite the fact that his father wanted to reconsider.

His father’s application did not work. Uncle Jose and cousin Miguel Ferrer hired George as an extra when they came to Lexington to make a film. The film never made it to the screen, but it didn’t matter, it was captivating.

Clooney retired from the University of Northern Kentucky after about a year and worked to earn enough money to move to California in 1982. He soon found himself falling on his sister’s bed. Rosemary when he started putting his acting chops in Hollywood.

He even lived in a friend’s closet for a while, according to the bio IMDb.

From ‘E / R’ to ‘ER’ and beyond

George Clooney
George Clooney | Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

There was little to write home about Clooney ‘s early career. In 1984, he won his first recurring role as an Ace in the sitcom E / R., a post he loved so much. According to Clooney, he has been sidelined since his move around five hours in his premiere season.

He soon had small pieces on shows like Hunter and the Golden Girls and recycling functions on Life information and Roseanne. Clooney whips that he is “the best unknown actor in Hollywood” and enjoys it as such. Anonymity did not last long before he was cast as the detective James Falconer on the famous TV series Sisters in 1993.

After marrying one of the sisters, Teddy, in the show, he was brutally murdered. His demise opened up to a star in a new version ER as part of an ensemble design. This was the role he took to stratosphere stardom and, as they say, is the rest of history.

George Clooney makes his mark

To say that a subjugation would be Clooney’s breakout role. He received two Primetime Emmy nominations in his six years on the show and made the covers of Sex Magazine Man Alive at People Magazine in 1997 and 2009.

During his time on it ER, now A-lister Clooney found time to make six high-profile films, including Batman and Robin in 1997 and The thin red line in 1998.

But it wasn’t until he left ER in 1999 (he came back again ERthe last program in 2009) that he went on to become a renowned producer, director and writer for films such as Syriana (2005) and Good night, and good luck (2005).

The most suitable former Hollywood Bachelor and activist married Amal Alamuddin in 2014 and became the father of a fraternal couple in June 2017.

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