Why Frank Sinatra Was Banned From the Kennedy White House, Despite His Close Friendship With the President

One of the most infamous relationships that emerged from the 1950s was between the King of Hollywood, Frank Sinatra, and the politician John F. Kennedy. The two quickly became friends and maintained a strong bond into Kennedy’s leadership. However, it wasn’t long before Sinatra dealt behind closed doors that his relationship with Kennedy fell apart, and the musician was eventually banned from the White House.

Frank Sinatra John F. Kennedy
Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy GAB / Redferns Archive

Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy had a powerful relationship

Although it is not clear when Sinatra and Kennedy met, the relationship was evident in the early 50s as the two climbed the social ladder.

At the time, Sinatra, a member of the famous Rat Pack, had become well acquainted with Kennedy, who had just begun his conference career after being elected to the House of Representatives and then chair. in the Senate in 1953.

A few years later, in 1960, Kennedy announced his run for the presidency and got a job on his firing range. But he needed some celebrity consolidation to influence the union vote.

With his influence as a wholesale recording artist and A-list movie star, Sinatra was one of the many entertainers who supported the rising politician, and suddenly, their relationship under consideration.

Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy
Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy GAB / Redferns Archive

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In early February 1960, Sinatra introduced Kennedy as “the next president of the United States” after a show with the Rat Pack at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

But Sinatra’s support didn’t stop there.

In addition to persuading his fans and other celebrities to vote for Kennedy, Sinatra organized donation dinners, appeared in radio ads, and lent his private jet to the Kennedy administration. . At events, he would make a retro version of his hit “High beaks,” which was the theme song of the campaign.

From an external perspective, Sinatra and Kennedy were the games made in heaven. But, just like everything great, the two’s relationship ended unexpectedly.

Many were skeptical of Frank Sinatra’s intentions

Although Sinatra and Kennedy were good friends, not everyone accepted their relationship.

according to History-life.comThe singer was despised by Kennedy ‘s wife, Jackie Kennedy, and she did not want him anywhere near the politician after he became President in 1961.

Frank Sinatra and Jackie Canadian
Frank Sinatra and Jackie Canadian GAB / Redferns Archive

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Kennedy’s brother, Robert, was also reported to have doubts about Sinatra and was even warned to separate after learning of the singer’s secret affairs.

Town & Country states that the Attorney General was made aware of Sinatra ‘s links to the mob after providing sufficient evidence of the singer’ s close association with Sam Giancana and notorious gangsters other.

According to the uprising, J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI played Canadian recordings of Giancana urging Sinatra to influence the administration to get some attention off the move. The strings caught the singer telling Giancana that he was working on getting information from Kennedys’ sister, Pat, with whom he said he had a relationship.

Afterwards, Sinatra was immediately kicked out of a Canadian inner circle, and his relationship with the President was never saved. The singer was even banned from the White House.

But despite the short-lived connection of Sinatra and Kennedy, he remains one of the most powerful celebrity allies in American history.

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