Why ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Ray Romano Says His Wife ‘Took a Gamble’ on Him

Ray Romano has moved on from Everyone loves Raymond since CBS comedy last showed its last program in 2005, but is still seen as its Ray Barone character. The hit sitcom often featured real events from Romano life as stories in the show.

The actress is very successful in her personal life, recently celebrating 33 years of marriage with his wife Anna. Romano explained why he would not have blamed her husband if she had been rejected for a date back in the 80s.

Ray Romano (R) and Anna Romano will attend the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at
Ray Romano (R) and Anna Romano Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Ray Romano, bank spokesman?

He has been married to Anna since 1987, and Romano and his wife have a full house with four children. The former sitcom star revealed that the two were working at a bank in the 1980s when they met.

“That wasn’t good,” said Anna in 2005 about her husband’s ability as a bank spokesperson, according to CBS News. “It was right, but very slow.”

Romano did not move until he quit working at the bank, fearing he would be rejected once he got the embarrassment of asking Anna for a date.

“Anna knows that my career makes me happy, and that a lot of my life is about the next show or thing,” Vinyl defined star. “But she has given me space to do that because she knows she and the children are the most important thing to me. ”

The couple celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on October 11, 2020.

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