Why Emma Watson ‘Felt Like a Prisoner’ in the ‘Harry Potter’ Films

Before the age of twelve, Emma Watson was introduced to the scene. The actress quickly rose to fame after her stellar role in the Harry Potter series, and her life has completely changed since then. Suddenly, she couldn’t go to a bookstore or an unrecognized coffee shop.

But with her gratitude for having the opportunity to play once in the life of Hermione Granger, fame came with many disadvantages as well. And when she was forced to work so hard as a teenager, Watson felt like she was a “prisoner at Hogwarts. ”

Emma Watson
Emma Watson | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Emma Watson does not feel comfortable in attention

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Watson admitted he had an identity crisis at a red carpet event. Getting the right clothes while laughing for the cameras felt unnatural for the Beauty and the beast star, and she could not connect with the person she was showing for their attention.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson | Chance Yeh / FilmMagic

Disappointment occurred when fans found out Watson wanted to stop him Harry Potter series. Consecrated Potter fans couldn’t think of anyone but Watson for the role of the brilliant bookworm. But as it turned out, the actor had good reason to want to stop. Working on the Potter there were horror movies for Watson because she had no control over her record.

“I have such a structure when I work on Potter,” she said The Daily Mail. “I’ll be told when I’ll be picked up, and I’ll be told how much time I can eat and when I’ll have time to go to the bathroom. Not every second day is beyond my power. ”

And according to the Daily Mail, she said, “I felt like a Hogwarts prisoner at the time Harry Potter movies. And I almost stopped at 16. ”

Emma Watson also wanted to release ‘Harry Potter’ to continue her education

Emma Watson will be attending the “Beauty and the Beast” screening in New York
Emma Watson attends the New York | Beauty and the Beast screening Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

Watson almost gave up the Potter series after Prisoner of Azkaban she was ready to shoot because she wanted to focus on her education. (Hermione would be so proud.) Watson has always placed a high value on her education, just like her character.

And fortunately, David Heyman (the franchise’s producer) allowed the actress to focus on her education while still pledging her agenda. He said Glamor, “Emma [Watson]in particular, very academic and keen to follow school and was a bit more curious than the others. So every time there was a compromise, it was not about finances [matter], it was about, ‘Do I want to be a part of this?’ ”

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