Why Elvis Presley Wore the Star of David and the Hebrew Chai Symbol Around His Neck

Elvis Presley is perhaps one of the most superstitious debates ever debated. Forty years after his death, King of Rock and Roll still holds a special place in the hearts of his fans. There are a lot of things that most people don’t know about Presley.

The star was a religious man, and even interestingly he got his foundation from attending church. Religion was an important part of Presley and was even one of the topics he talked about with his personal hairdresser. The musician would usually wear the Hebrew symbol Chai around his neck.

Elvis is still a famous icon

Elvis Presley
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Presley was born in Mississippi and moved to Tennessee when he was 13 years old. The musician was born 35 minutes after his twin brother Jesse Garon Presley. Unfortunately, Jesse had died. Growing up, Presley formed a close bond with his mother.

When he was 3, Presley’s father was arrested for altering studies, and the family ended up losing their family home. Presley and his family had to move in with their relatives. Presley’s teachers always regarded him as an average student.

After playing the country song Red Foley in front of the class, the teacher encouraged him to register for a singing competition at the show. The show was his first public performance, and he came in fifth. The next year, young Presley got a guitar for his birthday, even though he wanted a bike.

Presley states that he is very shy and does not want to perform in front of people. He took guitar lessons from his uncles and as a minister and learned to play a few notes from watching his instructors play. In high school, Presley was not popular with his peers.

The situation changed, however, when he decided to compete in the Humes Annual Show. No one knew he could sing, so when he took the stage and sang Till I Waltz Again with You, his status in school changed for the better.

Presley was a three-part Pentecostal baptism

When King of Rock and Roll was a child, he was baptized by a Pentecostal Trinitarian minister in his hometown of Tupelo. As a teenager, Presley was renamed by the Pentecostal Oneness minister in Memphis.

After his death, the star received baptism after death from members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Presley and his family always attended the Assembly of God. This is where he got his musical roots and also got guitar lessons from his minister. There are various accounts, however, that Presley may have been a Halakhic Jew through great-great-grandmother, Nancy Burdine.

according to Chicago Tribune, Presley ‘s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, urged Presley to model his Jewish ancestry in case he opposed Southern Semitism. Presley’s mother’s gravestone was also marked with a cross and the Star of David. His mother, Gladys Presley, moved in August 1958.

Presley wore the Hebrew symbol Chai and the Star of David around his neck

While Presley’s father and manager feared that the star’s acceptance of ancestry would put him at potential risk, the musician did not forget the roots. It is, of course, there was always the symbol of the Hebrew Chai and the Star of David around neck.

The pillar around the neck of the star was engraved with the letters Yod and Het, which are Hebrew words for life. Presley is also said to have died with a symbol of chai and a cross. When Presley was asked why he wore the jars around his neck, he said he did not want to miss an opportunity to go into technical heaven.

Presley died in August 1977, in the bathroom of the Graceland estate.

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