Why Does Chance the Rapper Always Wear ‘3’ Hats?

In addition to his musical career and philanthropic efforts, Chance the Rapper is famous for his signature ball caps decorated with the number three. They have it in a range of color paths and are usually not found without one. But what’s the real meaning behind the ‘3’ Chance the Rapper hats?

Chance the Rapper at an event
Chance the Rapper at an event in June 2018 in Gurnee, Illinois | Photos by Daniel Boczarski / Getty

How Chance the Rapper got famous

Hailing from Chicago, Chance the Rapper (real name Chancelor Bennett) began to gain attention after the release of his 2012 mixtape 10 Days. Created during a 10-day ban from high school, the mixtape created a lot of excitement around a name and even captured the attention of popular news outlets, including Forbes and Fake shore path.

Chance The Rapper fired to new heights with his second mixtape Acid rap (2013) – a project that was very well received and opened more doors and even helped earn a place on XXL’s 2014 Freshman Class list.

Over the next few years, it continued to release successful projects – from the 2016 mix Coloring book to several Kanye West collaborations – before he released his first album, The Big Day, in 2019.

Chances of the Rapper at a concert | Fury / Getty rich pictures for Coachella

Later, he started selling the hats, which were very profitable.

“This hat was paid for college, it was paid for sewers, it was paid for ballet classes, it was paid for debating classes, it was paid for swimming lessons,” he said. in a 2018 interview with Joe Budden (via HipHopDX). “I made $ 6 million in one year off those hats. I buy those hats for almost $ 3. ”

However, it is not clear if they are still selling them, as they are no longer visible on the Chance the Rapper website.

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