Why Didn’t VH1’s ‘I Love Money 3’ Ever Air?

The Rock of Love star Lacey Sculls (née Conner) competed on season 3 of I like money – a season of the VH1 series that never appeared. Sculls explains the drama surrounding reality star Ryan Jenkins and why I like money 3 events never made television.

'I like money'
I like money VH1

‘Rock of Love’ star Lacey Sculls will host a podcast

Sculls has hosted several VH1 reality stars on its podcast, Conversation about love, including her constellations from The Rock of Love. Other guests have appeared in the VH1 series as Taste of love, Charm school, and I like money.

During one of the show’s first programs, Sculls spoke to her ex-guest Heather Chadwell about her experience competing in I like money 3.

‘I Love Money’ should have a third season

The reality contest series features VH1 reality stars against each other. They competed in physical and mental challenges to win $ 250,000.

“I came in sixth,” Sculls explained in program 2 of the Conversation about love podcast. “[But] they heard nothing of it. ”

According to Sculls, the season was in preparation and producers were overjoyed. The season was introduced in January 2010, but the accident happened.

Lacey Sculls and Ryan Jenkins starred in ‘I Love Money 3’

Sculls was a trustee and a team player at Jenkins in season 3. As members of the same team, Sculls and Jenkins set their goal of winning every challenge set.

“He was a beast when it came to those challenges,” Sculls said. “He was on to win. During their time on the show, Jenkins also spoke to Sculls about his wife and reality co-star Jasmine Fiore.

“Ryan was very impressed with me about his relationship with Jasmine,” Sculls said. “They got married soon after Megan wants a million people was done and just before I like money 3 starts filming. ”

Ryan Jenkins reportedly married Jasmine Fiore to receive a green card

Jenkins and Fiore met in Las Vegas and, after getting to know each other for 24 hours, got married.

“He didn’t have the green card yet,” said Sculls. “This is a bit of a profiteering on my part, but when Jasmine and Ryan came together, he was starting to do well on those reality shows. He wanted a green card [and] figured if he married someone, he would [one]. In return, he told Jasmine he was going to give her all this money. ”

Jenkins told Sculls that his family was well off in the real estate market, but with the market crash of 2008, suddenly Jenkins’ money was no more. When Jenkins could not give Fiore the money he had promised, he feared that his marriage would fall apart. So he joined a cast team I like money 3 to hold his marriage together.

“That motherf * cker won every challenge,” said Sculls. But outside of the game, Jenkins proved in Sculls just how insulting Fiore was towards. Eventually, their troubled relationship exploded.

‘I Love Money 3’ was canceled because Ryan Jenkins killed Jasmine Fiore

Fiore’s body was found stripped and stuffed into a suitcase in August 2009. Jenkins had turned the remains off so as not to recognize her, including removing her teeth and a corragan. Fiore was identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants.

Sculls talked about getting a text from Jenkins after the murder. He had been trying to make time for Sculls to take Fiore’s horse ride, but was later put off after his murder.

Jenkins died by suicide at a hotel in Canada, and VH1 received the photos from I like money 3.

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