Why Did Madonna and Sean Penn Break Up?

In the late 80s, Madonna and Sean Penn were among Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. While one of the hottest young actresses in America at the time, she was a successful rocker with the most famous black bra in the world. From an external point of view, the pair was like a match made in heaven and virtually unstable together.

However, shortly after they tied the knot, the couple found their marital relationship with issues, which led to the end of the relationship.

Madonna and Sean Penn
Madonna and Sean Penn Steve Granitz / WireImage

Sean Penn was the love of Madonna’s life

Madonna and Sean Penn’s love story began in 1985 after they met on the singer “Music Girl” music video set. As the two had just gotten out of a relationship, they started out as friends, dating back independently.

However, their relationship soon became a full-blown romance.

After just six months together, Madonna and Penn tied the knot in August 1985 on her 27th birthday.

After their nuptials, Madonna and Penn’s romance played out in the public eye with the couple appearing together in a 1986 adventure comedy. Shanghai surprise and the singer dedicates her 1986 Very blue a record for her husband.

Madonna and Sean Penn
Madonna and Sean Penn Brenda Chase / Getty Photos

To viewers, Madonna and Penn seemed to be perfect together and had a long and happy marriage ahead of them.

But behind closed doors, the couple’s marriage was fraught with accusations of infidelity, domestic violence, and general disorder – all seeming to bring Madonna and Penn’s romance down a dark path that ended in separation- marriage.

Jealousy and insecurity emphasized Madonna and Penn’s relationship

Although their relationship started well, it got worse after their wedding as a result of Penn’s invisible uprising and temper tantrums.

According to psychologists, the actor had a huge jealous climb and would often fly off the hinges when he saw other men getting close to Madonna.

One of the earliest reports of this happened in April 1986, when Penn attacked songwriter David Wolinski in a nightclub after he thought Wolinski was kissing Madonna.

“The marriage had been a stressful time of all time, but it was the first great stress, the first very tragic event for him. [Madonna], ”A source said People at the time. “Wolinski was someone she knew, and it gave him a boost.”

The future Oscar winner was fined $ 1,700 and sentenced to one year probation for the explosion.

Insiders also told the magazine that Penn thought Madonna was having an affair with “Every Time You Break My Heart” colleague Nick Kamen. Although she denied denying Penn by Kamen, he saw them together as “making Sean a wild old man.”

But despite his insecurities, Madonna understood Penn’s actions and even revealed that she has those moments as well.

“I have uncertain times,” Madonna admitted at one point during the relationship, “and that puts a lot of pressure on people. You take things out on the person you love, and that leads to fighting, alienation, grief, reduction sessions and lots of ca-ca. ”

Inside the rumors of abuse

In December 1987, Madonna filed for divorce from Penn but withdrew the papers, only to be filed again in January 1989.

While it is unclear whether Penn inspired the singer to end their relationship, the singer is reported to have suffered years of abuse from her husband, which many believe was the cause. great for the separation.

However, it seems that these rumors were not true. Madonna set the record straight on the abuse allegations in 2017, arguing that Penn never touched her during their marriage.

Madonna and Sean Penn
Madonna and Sean Penn, Kevin Winter / Getty images

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“I am aware of the allegations that have surfaced over the years accusing Sean of incidents of physical assault and abuse against me,” the singer said. The daily beast. In particular, I am aware of the allegations in relation to an alleged incident which took place in June 1987, where (according to tabloid reports), Sean apparently struck me with a baseball bat. ‘I know that the allegations in these and other reports are completely offensive, malicious, reckless and deceptive. ”

She continued, “I am also aware of allegations of an incident that occurred in December, 1989, which alleged that Sean was arrested for domestic assault and battery charged against me. I know these allegations are false. Although we certainly had more than one heated argument at the time of our marriage, Sean never hit me, ‘tied me up,’ or physically assaulted me, and any report is completely against that. harassed, malicious, reckless and deceitful. ”

While the reason behind their separation remains a mystery, attackers have previously told people that permanent separation as well as the couple’s agendas playing a part in their marriage was coming to an end. end.

The two never stopped loving each other

Although Madonna and Penn ‘s marriage ended abruptly in 1989, they have become best friends in the years that followed.

Not only do they support each other’s individual careers, they have also spoken highly of each other at interviews and special events.

In 1991, Madonna released her documentary In bed with Madonna, where she was asked name the love of her life. She quietly returned one word: “Old.”

In 2015, Penn was seen attending two nights of Rebel Heart at Madonna. Three years later, he appeared The late show with Stephen Colbert that he still loves his grandmother “very much.”

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