Why Carrie Fisher Described Her Affair With Harrison Ford as a ‘3-Month 1-Night Stand’

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had a relationship when they first filmed Star Wars film in the 1970s. Fisher was 19-years-old when she fell for a 33-year-old Ford.

After 40 years of keeping the romance to themselves, Fisher released her diaries describing the relationship. The entries came to Fisher’s final memoir, with the title Princess Diarist, released in November 2016.

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher on Fifth Ave outside The Plaza Hotel.  They were in town for the movie "Star Wars."
Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher Richard Corkery / NY Daily News Archive through Getty Images

Carrie Fisher said her relationship with Harrison Ford was a ‘1-night 3-night stand’ because they had a mostly sexual relationship

When Star Wars Creator George chose Lucas Fisher as Princess Leia, she was thrilled at first. As Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher’s daughter, Star Wars Fisher’s first initiative away from her parents’ success. While filming in London, however, Ford soon caught Fisher’s attention. According to Fisher’s diary entries, Ford began the affair by kissing him in the backyard of his car. The pair continued to go around filming.

In 2018, Fisher’s brother, Todd, unveiled a memoir about his late sister and mother My Girls: A lifetime with Carrie and Debbie. Todd wrote that the relationship came as a surprise to Reynolds. He said the news upset Reynolds, who made Fisher regret sharing his romance with Ford to the world, per Daily mail.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t have told that story,” Fisher told her mother, according to Todd.

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