Why ‘Big Brother’ Alums Deactivated Their Twitter Accounts After Dick Donato Was Called Out

There has been a lot going on outside the Big Brother house this season. Dick Donato was called out to use the word N. Alums Rachel Reilly, Bayleigh Dayton and more went on to shut down their Twitter accounts.

A video of Dick Donato using the N-word was shared

Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato congratulates guest Julie Chen Moonves
Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato congratulates guest Julie Chen Moonves | Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Reilly looked horrified at Donato’s words in the clip, but apparently he went on. Some fans were angry about this. Reilly ended up canceling her Twitter account after recovering on October 17th.

Jodi Rollins from Big Brother 14 made a tweet defending Reilly, Donato, and Slater. “I have seen this and want to say vaguely that I have met and / or hung out with all three of these people many times and they have only been kind and NOT racism -> Rachel Reilly @ElissaReillyS & @EvelDick! # bb22, ” she tweeted with a Screen Rant article about the scandal.

“It’s still not okay for him to use the word… and with the hardware. Come on Jodi… Really? Dayton tweeted. “Dick apologized. What more do we want? ”Rollins asked. “Why did he apologize Jodi … because he was called. You know for a fact he didn’t once mean that excuse. Shame on you for publicly defending that trash. I looked up to you, ”the eviction Big Brother 22 tweeted house.

Dayton reportedly received a backlash for this and is believed to have deleted her account with this, according to Rant Screen. Her husband, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, also deleted his account.

Slater also spoke against the article in this thread. “Hey @screenrant how about I don’t include you in your articles – I don’t want to be tagged in or appear in your article – I’m not on BB this was from BB16-u [sic] not even post-facts bc [sic] I ended that interview literally – I’m sick of being dragged into an inappropriate conversation, ”she tweeted.

Dayton, Reilly, and Williams still have their Instagram accounts. Their recent stories do not refer to the Twitter drama.

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