Why Ally Sheedy Burst Into Tears While Filming the Sex Scene in ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’: ‘I Was Absolutely Out of My Mind, Horrified’

One of the most memorable scenes from St. Elmo’s Fire it’s when Kevin (Andrew McCarthy) finally confesses his feelings for Leslie (Ally Sheedy.) After Leslie finds a stack of pictures of herself in Kevin’s flat, he tells his best friend that he has been “hopeless” in love with her for years.

This confession is followed by a passionate love scene that stands out as one of the most memorable moments in the film. But as romantic as the scene is, the filming process was a real nightmare for Sheedy. It got so bad that she “went to tears. ”

St. Elmo's Fire
View of Original Motion Picture soundtrack of “St. The Elmo Fire ”in 1985 | Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Kevin was deeply in love with Leslie throughout ‘St. Teine Elmo ‘

In the 1985 cult classic, Kevin goes on to say in a subtle way that “love is a lie.” We find out later that he is as anti-romantic as he has fallen for his best friend Leslie, who is committed to another. Near the end of the film, Kevin finally tells Leslie how he really feels about her.

Ally Sheedy and Andrew McCarthy
Ally Sheedy and Andrew McCarthy Ann Clifford / LIFE photo collection through Getty Images

According to Sheedy in Brat Pack’s memoir with the title You couldn’t forget me if you tried, filming the sex scene was horrible. “I couldn’t wait until that was over,” she admitted. “I didn’t know for sure that Andrew had to be on my back in a chair, watching us have sex.”

Sheedy says she thought it would be just “a kiss and then a romantic run out, and there you have it.”

She said, “I didn’t know I had to take my clothes off. I didn’t know that until the day. ”

Luckily, Sheedy didn’t have to be naked for the view. “I had a little bodysuit,” she says. But still, this left her feeling “emotionally open.”

“I was completely out of my mind, awful,” she admits. “I was scared.”

Joel Schumacher caused Ally Sheedy to go to tears

Ally Sheedy
Ally Sheedy | Michael Stuparyk / Toronto Star via Getty Images

Schumacher (the late director) was a little too hard on Sheedy throughout the scene. Not finding her performance steamed and passionate enough, the director said, “You’re F * CKING! Action! ”

After what he said, McCarthy remembers, “Ally broke down in tears. And I stood up, naked, and said, ‘What do f * ck have to do with you ?! and Joel said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ ”

Ally Sheedy
Ally Sheedy | LIFE Photo Collection through Getty Images

“I mean, I love Joel,” McCarthy said. “But it wasn’t the right thing to say at the time for that actress, or for me.”

And fortunately, Sheedy received support from her co-star throughout the vulnerable hunt. She says McCarthy was “very protective” of her, saying, “I really needed him.”

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